Forget four seasons.

Fruit and vegetables are plants.

Each plant has its own season, with subtle shifts which happen every day.

We follow flavour through these unique microseasons and divide them into three phases: Early, Peak and Late.

This is radical seasonality.

EARLY icon early

Early season produce is the first harvest of a variety. It marks the start of a new, unique season. Not yet fully developed, early season produce inspires us to find new flavour combinations.

PEAK icon peak

Peak season produce is abundant. Plants are thriving, resulting in the fullest concentration of nutrients and flavour. A natural high we seek to better every year.

LATE icon late

Late season produce is near the end of its natural run. As it becomes harder to find, there is an urgency to savour it while it lasts. We follow flavour more closely here than at any other point, watching for a final shift that indicates the end of its season.