The “Perfectly Imperfect” Myth


From Tesco’s Perfectly Imperfect range to Asda’s £3.50 Wonky Veg boxes, misshapen fruit & vegetables are being championed across supermarkets throughout the UK as part of a nationwide campaign to reduce waste. While it is important that we tackle the problem of food waste across the supply chain, what doesn’t sit right with the wonky veg trend is that it is permitting supermarkets to assert that the produce “tastes just the same” while simultaneously devaluing it with cut prices and an emphasis on its imperfection. Read more

Spring Seasonal Meeting


At Natoora, the first signs of spring have begun to appear throughout the office. The buying team are planning visits to see Simon, our forager in Cornwall, and bringing in the first of the Wild Garlic to our weekly fruit & vegetable meetings. Edible flowers are appearing in sample boxes and making their way into staff meals. The clearest sign of all, however, is our company-wide Seasonal Meeting. Read more

Into The Jungle

‘Never give up’. These three short but powerful words were scrawled on numerous surfaces throughout The Jungle in Calais, a constant reminder of the courage, faith and determination of its inhabitants. I recently travelled to Calais with a group of 6 friends to volunteer and help the refugees in The Jungle. Hope was one of a number of emotions that I did not expect to feel or encounter in my time there.

Read more

From Crate to Vine: Sourcing Camone from Sardinia


At the end of January, the Natoora buying team travelled to Sardinia to visit a few of our growers. From the fields of spiky artichokes in the North, we then made our way down to the market just outside Cagliari, at the Southern tip of the island.

At the market just before dawn, we walked through the aisles of produce through a bustle of forklifts as the sun rose between the pallets. More often than not, we find that a large majority of the fruit & vegetables sold at markets like this one are grown for yield rather than flavour. To find higher quality produce, you have to scour the pallets carefully and know what to look out for. Read more

From 3 Employees to a Fast Track 100 Company


We are proud to announce that we have made it onto The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list for 2015. We came in at number 47!

This puts Natoora in the top 50 fastest growing private companies in the UK based on three-year growth rates and profitability. This is an incredible achievement particularly when we consider that we are an operationally heavy business competing in a very mature industry with fierce, well-established competitors, many of whom have been around for several generations. Read more

Mike’s Mushrooms

This video was shot on location at Mike the Woodman mushroom’s farm, near the ancient woodlands of Epping Forest.

Mike grows portobello and chestnut mushrooms for us, using organic compost which results in a dense, flavourful mushroom. So that they stay fresh, Mike leaves the root on the mushrooms when he picks them.

These mushrooms have an earthy umami flavour and, contrary to most cultivated mushrooms, won’t release lots of water when cooked.

Take a look at our video to see how they are cultivated, harvested and prepared for cooking.

Soil Association Certification


Natoora recently became a member of the Soil Association, one of the most prestigious and well-respected organic certifying bodies in the UK. The certification assures the public about the quality of products labelled organic, as the Soil Association’s standards are stricter than legal EU requirements and regulations on organic farming, animal welfare, pesticides and fertilizers. Read more